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. first, a different health care bill was signed last month. not at the white house, but in virginia. virginia governor mcdonnell signed into law that bars the federal government forcing virginians to buy health insurance. he on the record about his state's battle against the federal government. you also have been the attorney general so you knee job pretty well. did you consult with the attorney general when he made his decision to file suit? >> i did. he advised me he had been doing the legal research over the last couple of months about this claim. and we both believed that individual mandate passed by the united states congress is not authorized under the commerce clause of the united states constitution. and so we think it is not a proper act on the people of virginia. we passed a bill during the course of this last general assembly session that went into effect to weeks -- two weeks ago tonight says it is not permissible to force the citizens of virginia to purchase health insurance under penalty of law. we've got standing under that new end actment that i signed today. that's
's with west virginia metro news. shawna, are you there on the scene? >> i'm in charleston. the cell service is so spotty at the scene itself, we are relaying information out as we can. >> yeah. i understand, it's a remote area. what's the latest? what are you learning there? >> reporter: you covered most of it. we learned within the past hour that 12 miners have been killed in this explosion. what mine officials are saying to us over and over again is that this is very much a rescue operation, not a recovery operation. they believe there are still 10 miners in that mine. and at this point, they believe they may have made their way to one of the two underground mine rescue chambers that are required after the sago mine disaster which was also in west virginia in a different part of the state. but they have signs and are hoping that mine rescue teams within the next several hours can make it to one of these chambers and will find the 10 miners, okay, inside. i know that this unfortunately happened, you covered this probably on several ocages in west virginia. what are the chances of finding t
the worst coal nine disaster since 1970. we go to molly, live at the scene in west virginia. >> reporter: as the governor said, quote, we did not get the miracle we wanted. he came in and told the media just a few minutes ago, those four unaccounted for miners have been beinged for. they are dead, along with the other 25 inside the mine. they were trying to get to that last refuge chamber, the last place they could have been and still been alive. they made it there today after four tries, but the chamber had not been deployed and they found the four bodies in an area that rescuers had gone by previously, but because of the conditions and the low visibility, they hadn't seen these bodies. now they have accounted for all 25 and now as the governor said, the healing can begin for the families who have waited anxiously since monday afternoon, for word of what had happened to their loved ones inside the mine. >> tragic news for the families, molly. we heard from a federal mine safety official. he said there will be a thorough investigation, both at the state and federal level. what can you te
people are dead after an explosion at a west virginia coal mine. joining us jeff jenkins. what is the latest? >> reporter: kevin strickland with the federal mine safety health administration and the state office of homeland security director have just briefed reporters down at the mining scene. they say the rescue efforts are continuing for the 19 unaccounted ford miners. they have hope maybe these miners have gotten into an underground emergency rescue chamber. you may remember after the sego disaster four years ago several new regulations went in. one required mines to have these rescue chambers. we've talked to a minor who works at this mine. they have the inflatable-type of chambers. if they were able to reach that, they would have 96 hours of oxygen. that would be great news if they were able to reach that right now search efforts continue to get into where the miners are. >> greta: do i understand from what you are saying that no contact has been made we don't know if they are alive or some? any noise at all from below that could be transmitted to the surface? >> reporter
to add them into the lawsuit that the ag is presenting. get is this in anyç way similar to the virginia statute or not? virginia has filed separately from florida. they've raised the issues of constitutionality based on the commerce clause. they say it is unconstitutional that virginia can't order people to do this. >> i think it is a lot like the lawsuit going on in virginia. the 19 states we have, we've had criticism that we are spending taxpayer dollars to file in lawsuit. we've got some outside counsel which our share of the cost is onlyç $6,000. like i've told people, to save a billion dollars just in medicaid funding for $6,000 attorney fees i think is a great use of assets. >> greta: i take it you are a republican, is that correct, sir? >> yes, ma'am, that is. >> greta: in filing your amendment, have you had any conversation with the state attorney general or anyone in his office working together in any form and a fax or a tweet back and forth? >> we have not tweeted back and forth. we've discussed the amendment fryç dan and we had them in there this morning to go over how th
your statute mirror the statute that is in existence in state of virginia? state of virginia has gone its own way and they have their own statute saying that virginia can't compel it. is your statute in florida going to look at the virginia statute? >> it will. it will -- not identical, but the general theme that floridians have the right to not participate in some government mandated program. they have the right to decide for themselves what healthcare plan is best for them an their families. so the intent is identical. >> greta: state senator, thank you, sir. we'll be watching this as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: next, did then senator obama have his fingers crossed during the campaign? and is there now a middle class tax hike coming? or is that just republican scare tactics? report is coming up. and what was donald trump's wife do to him if he pulled a tiger woods? you are about to learn that very answer to that very question, because we have video of donald and his wife together on "the view." this is must-see tv. do not go away. [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [
of independents flocking to the polls, who have given victories to republicans in virginia, new jersey and massachusetts. this rasmussen poll released last week showed the majority of americans identify more with the policy and issues that are coming from tea party activists and grass roots activists more so than with the stuff come going the democratic congress. i say absolutely not only are the tea parties having an impact generally but huge impact as far as stupak resigning. they can say it didn't matter, but it did. all signs point to yes. >> greta: it is sort of stunning, slowly coming around to the fact that the tea party movement has an impact. majority leader any hoyer saying -- saying that members of congress would go home and get yelled at, at these town hall meetings, they dismissed the people who are part of tea party movement. now you see the tea party movement is getting big headliners, governor palin, fiorina in california april 15th. now the tea party movement is getting a lot of respect. >> yes, absolutely. i think for a really longtime those who were trying to negate
virginia. the scene of a deadliest u.s. mining disaster in four decades. between will begin probe once the bodies of all miners have been recovered. earlier in the day hundreds of mourners observed a moment of silence at the state capital. a wreath was laid honoring the west virginia miner. now back to on the record. >> greta: president obama and the russian president just signed a new strategic arms reduction treaty. the treaty needs to be ratified by the u.s. senate. >> that going to happen? moments ago lamar alexander went on the record. nice to see you. >> nice to see you greta. >> greta: last week the president was in prague and signed a treaty with the russian president. is it going to be ratified by the u.s. senate this year? no, not this year. this is a step nixon, reagan, first and second bush all have taken us. take us down to 1500 deployed nuclear warheads that ought to be enough to blow everybody to kingdom come if we those to do it. it took a year and a half. we have a lot of questions, we need the right answers then it might get 67 votes. >> greta: i realize you are in th
york newsroom. marianne rafferty. >> reporter: the air quality is improving sign the west virginia coal mine where four miners remain missing. you are looking at live pictures from a news conference in west virginia where they are still waiting for the noxious gas levels to be safe for rescuers to enter the mine again. that could happen tonight. crews made it within 2500 feet of an airtight chamber where they hope the miners might have sought refuge. a blast monday killed 25 miners. >> a decision expected from nasa tomorrow on whether they will keep diskpoefr in space an extra day. the extra time would allow for crews to check additional damages caused by monday's liftoff. the big dish antenna was break off at the start of the mission and prevented discovery from taking pictures of the underside. now back to on the record. >> greta: it is no secret the united states immediates to create jobs but this is not comforting. china signed preliminary agreements with the state of california and general electric to help build new high speed train lines. the project involves federal stimulus mone
continues at this hour at the site of that deadly mine explosion in montcoal, west virginia. rescue teams there are in the process of drilling above the coal mine in anest to save four missing miners. the holes are intended to release all the dangerous gases. rescuers hope to be finished around noon on wednesday. monday's explosion killed 25 workers, making this the deadliest u.s. mining accident in 25 years. the mine was cited almost 500 times last year for unsafe conditions. the feds proposed nearly a $1 million fine. but the owner, massey energy, insists its mines are safe. tuesday night, the town of montcoal held a prayer vigil for victims. and people haven't given up hope for the four missing miners. now back to greta. fabulous caesars palace in las vegas, nevada the most powerful u.s. sewn for senate majority harry reid represents this state. he's in a political dogfight just heard from sue lowden. now lowden's republican primary danny tar guess on the record. you -- danny tarkanian goes on the record. how are you going to get past this june 8th primary? >> you have to compare and c
insurance. a little like the statute they are suing under in the state of virginia. i take it that's -- if that is is remotely possible that's a longer process, is that right? >> well, i don't know -- absolutely amending the constitution in wisconsin is a longer process. i also don't think that specific legislative proposal has any more viability than polling this litigation issue to the floor and having a vote on it. nor do i believe that legislation necessarily is going to give us any more authority to proceed in a lawsuit if we wanted to. what we need is to be able to let courts determine whether this is a constitutional law or not. it appears a number of governors and others are scared of. >> have you spoken since the last time you were on our show, any communication or even your staff with that of governor, any word about this? >> we haven't. i'm still waiting for to you forward me that letter. as of last notice i still haven't gotten it. >> greta: you haven't heard anything from him at all? >> we haven't. it is my understanding that he had submitted a letter. i did obviously
: virginia, senator corzine in new jersey and he campaigned with martha coakley against senator scott brown. he's 0-3 on revving up the troops. >> i don't think any of those folks would have won had he not shown up that's a counter argument. the president puts himself on the line when he goes to trips like that campaigning. it is not like his presence is going to be welcome everywhere he goes. california is one place where he's still popular. >> greta: protesters people are screaming about don't ask, don't tell saying he was too slow. and people chained themselves to the fence at the white house today. he's getting heat within his party. >> maybe energy on is not what he had in mine with this. the white house is going to be judicious on how they deploy the president they are not going to put him places where he can't do more good than not. california they can spend time out there raise some cash. he's got to say this is a real race otherwise people aren't going to open their wallets for senator boxer. >> greta: senator lincoln in arkansas, does she want him to campaign for her? >> we interv
in west virginia are still drilling in after effort to save those four missing coal miners. the holes are intended to release dangerouses gos preventing rescuers from ending the mine that could take another 14 hours. underground explosion in the massey energy mine killed 25 other miners yesterday. people who live in the small coal town are trying to hold out hope for missing workers. a banner reads: praying for our miners. this shakey scene from indonesia's northwest island of sumatra, 7.7 quake rattled homes, buildings ander ins a few hours ago -- and nerves a few hours ago. tsunami watch issued but later lifted. the quake wasfee6 28 miles deep. >> greta: we are live at the fabulous caesars palace in las vegas, nevada the most powerful u.s. sewn for senate majority harry reid represents this state. he's in a political dogfight just heard from sue lowden. now lowden's republican primary danny tar guess on the record. you -- danny tarkanian goes on the record. how are you going to get past this june 8th primary? >> you have to compare and contrast my positions to state senator lowden's
made to re-enter the west virginia coal mine for four miners are still missing. they are going to pump in nitrogen to neutralize the noxious gas and send in two rescue teams. the teams are carrying four oxygen masks into the mine. they have been missing since monday's explosion that killed 25 people. astronauts are beginning the first of three spacewalks during shuttle discovery's 14-day mission at this hour. their main task is to replace hay depleted ammonia tank in the international space sfaigz's schooling system. they will retrieve an experiment and replace a failed gyroscope in the space station's navigation system. there are a record four female astronauts on the station. now back to "on the record." now back to on the record. >> greta: it is no secret the united states immediates to create jobs but this is not comforting. china signed preliminary agreements with the state of california and general electric to help build new high speed train lines. the project involves federal stimulus money. why aren't u.s. companies doing this? steve moore joins us live live. why in the world a
marianne rafferty is standing by with the other headlines. >> reporter: the governor of the west virginia voicing optimism that we'll learn fate of four missing miners within hours. in attempt to find the men crews are within 2,000 feet of the last rescue chamber to be searched. mine safety officials say the air has improved and there is no longer smoke in the coal mine. massive explosion in the mine monday killed 25 people. two others were injured. the nation's worst coal mining disaster since 1984. the government considering a second civil penalty against toyota in connection with recalled vehicles. the car maker already facing a fine of more than 16 million dollars for failing to promptly notify the government about defective gas pedals. toyota has recalled more than eight million vehicles worldwide. i'm mar ann rafferty, now back to on the record. >> greta: southern republican leadership conference in full swing and major republicans are swinging at po2 names you will -- at president obama. two names you will recognize. >> they are being told today that big daddy government has all th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)